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Open Institute Class Calendar- Sacramento, Fair Oaks

Sewing Class calendars are updated quarterly.  If you are new to sewing we encourage you to sign up on the school email list to ensure prompt notification of new schedules and new class offerings.  

Classes, Kits and Materials must be purchased at time of registration.  Click here to pay for class and purchase kits.

  • Students may add to any class formed that is not full regardless if enrolled in a bundle series. 

  • Program Bundle Students Only:   Click Here to register for a class.  

  • Non-Program Students:  Click to pay for class and register online!

  • All classes are subject to a non refundable no show and cancellation policy.

  • Classes may be cancelled for low registration.  AFI reserves the right to re calendar classes at any time without notice.

  • Registration is only accepted for classes that are on calendar.  For questions contact 

  • Request to Observe:  Prospective students are allowed at the instructors' discretion to sit in the class for 30 minutes to see what the class entails.  Click here to submit a request. 

Note: Registration deadlines are in affect for ALL classes.  Click the class title for details. Classes may be cancelled for low registration.  Students are responsible for checking the calendar for updates or cancels.  Click Here to view Open Institute registration policies, rules and reservations before registering for a class.


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