Admissions Process

New or Returning students must follow the step by step admissions process to enroll as a student at AFI for all programs by.....


1)  Submitting an online Admissions Application with applicable fees and return all other paperwork to AFI a

3626 Fair Oaks Blvd

Ste 100A

Sacramento CA 95864

2)  Signing the School Policy form

3)  Submitting  a Declaration of Intention Form

4)  Submit Official Transcripts (must be unopened)

5)  Make an appointment to see a Career Counselor

6)  Make an appointment for Assessment Testing

7)  Create Your Success Plan
8)  Register for Classes

9)  Attend New Student Orientation

10) International Students Process 

Admissions Requirements for Admittance


Click here to view a complete list of forms. 

If you are a New or Returning Student to AFI, you must complete and submit an application before you can register for classes.


Applications at AFI are can be filed year round for review and can be completed and submitted online.  A non refundable application processing fee of $ 20.00 must be paid at time of submission and $ 40.00 for international students.  Applications for new or returning students expire 90 days after submission at which time a new application and fees will be required to register for classes.  


Transcripts for graduating high school seniors can be sent separately from application submission but must be received prior to making an appointment with a career counselor.  Be sure to select which academic term - spring, summer or fall - you are enrolling in on the application form.