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AFI Admissions Requirements

To increase level of student success, graduation quota, and the number of prepared students enrolling in the fashion design full certificate programs AFI now requires an interview, portfolio and basic skillset to enter full certificate programs.  This new vetting process ensures students are matriculating, gaining the best possible education and have the highest chances of success to start a business or work for organizations in the fashion industry.


This new policy was adopted in October 2018.  Direct admission may be approved in the following ways:

  • A submitted and approved portfolio of experience received by stated deadlines. Click here for deadlines.  

  • Evidence of basic skills and industry knowledge by interview appointment.

  • Enrollment in the Fashion School Prep bundle option at least 4 months prior to enrollment term. 


Students with no industry experience have the option and are encouraged to enroll in the Open Institute Fashion School Prep Bundle option to gain the basic skillsets required for admissions acceptance.  Shown below are the minimum requirements all students must submit by stated deadlines. Click Here for deadlines. 


  • 5 full body sketches of front and back designs 

  • 2 flat pattern drafts 

  • 2 sewn garments using industry standards 

Transfer Students 

Students matriculating to AFI from a community college or art school have the option of demonstrating basic knowledge and skills.  Students must submit a Request for Minimum Requirements Waiver and make an appointment for an interview with the Executive Director for review.  Students will be notified within 30 days after the interview appointment of approval or denial and the required next steps. 

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