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Youth Academy Eligibility and Start Dates

The AFI Teen Academy accepts 8 students per year ages 13 through 19.  Students serious about a career in fashion, fashion related careers or sewn product manufacturing benefit from this program.  Note:  Only serious students need apply.  Click here to submit application.

  • Enrollment Open: April 1st thru August 2024

  • 6/15/24 Enrollment Deadline: CLOSED

  • 9/7/24   Enrollment Deadline: June 28th, 2024

  • Classes Begin: June 15, 2024

  • Program End:  July 26, 2025

  • Parent/Student Interview:  Required 


The AFI Youth Academy is not a traditional graded academic program.  Students are required to complete studies on Saturdays in lieu of some online assignments.  Program acceptance require the following:

  • Parent participation approval. 

  • Application submission 

  • Parent and Student interview.

  • Regular attendance in face-to-face classes and some online assignments. (Maximum 3 unexcused absences)

  • Application Deadline subject to close early if maximum student participation is reached. 

  • To request the Student Pay Plan, click here. 

Career Education

Youth Academy
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