Youth Academy Eligibility and Start Dates

The AFI Youth Academy is for students ages 13 through 19.  The academy is a fast-paced programs for students serious about a career in fashion, fashion related careers or sewn product manufacturing and typically runs for 9 months with an end of year fashion show.   Note:  Only serious students need apply.  Email a request for application to

  • Registration:  

  • Application Close Date: Open

  • Class Begin: TBD

  • Parent/Student Interview:


The AFI Youth Academy is not a traditional academic program that is graded but an extracurricular program where students are required to complete studies on Saturdays and some learning online.  Admissions acceptance into the program require the following:

  • Parent approval to participate for students under the age of 18

  • Application and portfolio submission 

  • Parent and Student interview is part of the acceptance policy

  • Commitment to maintain at least a "C" grade point average in public or home school (subject to approval)

  • Regular attendance in online or face to face classes (3 unexcused absences)

  • Application Deadline subject to close early if maximum student participation is reached in each career area. 

Career Education