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2023 Tuition Schedule- Industry Professional Certification

Admissions:   Open 

Registration:  CLOSED

Registration Deadline:  

Late Registration: 

Late Registration Fee: 

Start/End Dates:  See table 

Times: See Schedule

Industry Professional Certificate Program
Open Institute Continuing Education Certificate 

Registration Open- Program Bundles Only 

Registration Deadline: 

Late Registration Fee:

Late Registration Deadline:  

A certificate of completion is earned after completion of all classes.  Students are allowed 9 months to complete most programs. 

Note:  Eligible students requesting the Student Pay Plan may complete the editable Student Pay Plan Request form online and return to for approval.  Students enrolled in eligible bundle programs may repeat any class formed as long as seating is available.  Program bundle students for repeat classes do NOT have priority seating. 


Programs started do not allow refunds.  A student credit is allowed for remainder of class funds, subject to the full individual fees upon approval.  Register Now


Special Terms and Conditions

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