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Approved Employer / Manufacturer Request

AFI encourages and support businesses in their search for student interns.  Prospective employers are required to be listed in the AFI Approved Employer database to submit a Request for Intern document for posting. Prospective employers may submit for an approval only by the online form. Supporting employer documentation may be sent via email to

Approved Employer Database

Approved employers will remain in the AFI database for the current school year.  A renewal request must be submitted to remain in the database the following school year.

Supporting Industries and Affiliates

  • Fashion Houses

  • Independent Designers

  • Cut and Sew Manufacturers

  • Alterations Shop

  • Embroidery Companies

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Print Shops

  • Modeling Agencies

  • Any agencies that AFI students may benefit with real world experience.

Posting a Position 

Approved employers may submit up to 3 postings per calendar school year.  Postings which meet stated submittal deadlines will be published no later than 2 business days of approval to the main AFI website and the AFI Online Student Resource Library

Employer/Intern Expectations 

Student interns are still learning and may have varied experience.  Students engage in internships to use the knowledge and skills they've learned and apply to real world work environments.  Employers are still expected to use some direction to nurture and mold students to the type of culture they may eventually work within. Click here to see a description of first through 3rd year student skills and specialized skillset certification students. 

Liability Disclaimer 

AFI holds no expressed or implied liability for student interns at employer facilities. Employers must meet all state and or federal requirements for an employee. This is a service to AFI students, alumni and businesses. 

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