ABOUT Agee Fashion Institute

Welcome to Agee Fashion Institute,

AFI is a private post-secondary art institute offering multiple program packages that support students seeking professional certifications and pre-professional certifications.  AFI's Industry Professional Education (IPE) offers 1 Full Program Fashion Design Certificate and 1 Accelerated fashion program focusing on  the manufacturing processes that require students to EXECUTE.  A 4 week internship is required. 

Our full certificate fashion program is offered once per year starting each fall. Classes run 10 weeks, two days per week.  The accelerated fashion program is offered once per year starting each spring. The four month program requires a 2 day per week commitment.  


Program offerings provide students with the knowledge and experience sought to jump start a career in the fashion industry.  

Non-Professional Education or (NPE) is offered under our Open Institute platform. This platform provides a continuing education certificate for students seeking a second career, personal development or experience to apply to high degree art schools.  Open Institute programs do not require admission to AFI.  Entrepreneurship program offerings are non credit and therefore classified under the AFI Open Institute

To speak with a career counselor or class coordinator contact the school at 916-470-8209 or email admissions@ageefashioninstitute.com 

Graduate with the knowledge and ability to move your concepts to the consumer through independent thinking, business strategy AND creative talent whether in fashion design, fashion merchandising or entrepreneurship. 


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