Financial Assistance 

Industry Professional Education (IPE)

AFI offers financial assistance to qualifying students.  Students who feel they may be qualified for grants,  scholarships or Student Pay Plan (SPP) should make an appointment to speak with a Finance Advisor  Monday thru Friday between 9:00a.m and 5:30p.m


AFI accepts full tuition payments by direct pay, student loan payments or grants. Tuition and payments can be made by credit, debit card and cash. 


To meet the needs of all students AFI offers finance assistance in the following ways:

  • Student Payment Plans




Non-Professional Education (NPE)

AFI offers financial assistance for all students enrolling in Open Institute programs with tuition fees over $ 500.00 


If you would like to use this option for an Open Institute Program pay monthly contact the office Monday thru Friday between 9:00 a.m and 5:30 p.m or email

To process your request in full online click below for: 


All Student Pay Plan approvals and students contacted at least one day prior to registration deadlines.  If you have not received an eligibility decision contact AFI at 916-470-8209.