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Student Pay Plan Process 

Students requesting financial assistance for a program of 500.00 or more must complete and submit a SPP request form and pay the one time administrative fee prior to speaking with a finance advisor. 


All forms and fees must be submitted prior to speaking with a finance advisor.

  • Student Pay Plan request form submitted.

  • Non-refundable $20.00 Administrative Fee Paid (Pay Now)

  • Make an appointment to speak to a Finance Advisor

  • Deposit (Your advisor will process the deposit for program enrollment).


Reasons for Denial 

A student may be denied due to the following reasons. 

  • Non qualified program

  • Finance probation

  • Current payment plan active. 

  • Previous terms not met.

  • Outstanding balance due


If a student is denied the option to make monthly payments, the full tuition is due no later than class start date to remain enrolled in a program. 

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