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Sewn Product Manufacturing Pathway

The Sewn Product Manufacturing course provides a rounded skillset for those interested in a career in sewn product development. The program offering includes three blocks comprised of sewing, pattern engineering and prototyping.  

This program is currently funded and offered through organizations in response to COVID 19.  Students must have the ability to start and complete the class online with some onsite workshop instruction. 

Students who successfully complete the course are eligible for network gigging work. 

Education to Employment Pathway:

  • Introduction to the Sewn Products Industry 

  • Sewn Product Manufacturing 

  • Skills Development (Skill Concentration)

  • AFI Certified Train-the-Trainer Program 


Single Skillset Programs 

  • Operator I 

  • Pattern Engineering I

  • Industrial Cutting I

  • Prototype Developer I

Students interested in the sewn product manufacturing programs should contact AFI by email at for enrollment eligibility. 

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