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Open Institute Class Policies, Rules, Rights and Reservations

AFI values its students in professional and non professional programs and classes. AFI makes every effort to accommodate student situations and circumstances to ensure all eligible classes are taken within allotted time frames.  Students registering for classes with the institute do so under the following agreements: 

  • AFI reserves the right to extend or not to extend paid programs which have expired without class completion per agreements. 

  • AFI reserves the right to refuse future registrations and service to any student before or after completing all eligible classes or programs at the discretion of the Executive Director for any reason.  

  • Students are subject to credit reporting and collections for non payment of class fees or requesting and receiving undue refunds from third party administrators when classes have been taken, scheduled, missed or any other reasons within the refunds terms and agreements listed below.

  • Noncompliance to program or bundle installment agreements are subject to removal from any installment program and full program fees become immediately due. A $ 25.00 late fee on installment is due after the 1st of each month and an extended late fee of $ 15.00 per week thereafter until the account is brought to good standing. 

  • Cancellation of installment agreements are subject to full class fees per class.

  • Program Bundle students take precedence for class seating. Seats are filled based on availability and subject to a waiting list. 

Non Refund Terms and Agreements 

  •  Class No shows are not refundable. 

  •  Cancellations and reschedule of a class must be received via email or phone call to later than 24 hours before the date of the class to  avoid class forfeiture. 

  •  Classes may not be transferred to any other individual and is good for the purchaser only. 

  •  Students arriving later than 20 minutes to a scheduled class must reschedule their class. 

  •  Students arriving later than 30 minutes to a class is considered a no show missed class and subject to forfeiture at AFI’s discretion. 

  •  Dissatisfaction with the objectives of the class do not constitute a class refund. 

  •  Any time attended in the classroom is considered class taken and is non refundable regardless of satisfaction. 

  •  If student machines are non operational, dirty or fail to work during the class period the class is still considered a class taken and is  non refundable.  

  •  Leaving early or not finishing projects within the allotted class time does not constitute a refund or mean a class can be repeated  without  paying the full class fee. 

The policies, terms and agreements as such is binding upon registered students and are meant to ensure all students receive the same fair treatment and the institute does not receive undue harm. 

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