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Fashion Drawings

Alex Young

Fashion Designer

Descriptions of:

First Year thru third year students and specialized skillset certifications. 

First Year Student

Students in their first year are typically proficient in:

  • Sewing with a home machine and sometimes a straight stitch industrial machine. 

  • Creating designs with a croiques and some free hand illustration 

  • Using the flat pattern drafting methods 

  • Interpreting sketches 

  • Reading simple specifications packages 

Subsequent Years Experience

Second Year 

Third Year 

Skillset Specialist

Second year students will be more proficient at designing, creating patterns for intermediate designs, working with dress forms, creating collections, creating markers, using commercial machines and storyboarding.  This student is typically experienced enough for fashion show and event assistance. 

Students at this level are typically ready for an assistant designer position. Creating masters, merchandising plans, project management and the execution of End-to-End processes are evident in work behavior.  This student is typically ready for a more experienced level of responsibility and should need little to no supervision. 

Students in this category have not studied design in respect to concept to consumer aspects. This student typically has a specialized skillset.  For example, Pattern Engineering, Cut and Sew Manufacturing, marker making, grading and possibly some CAD skills.  Recommend seeing student resume for verification. 

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