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NOTICE:  Students are required to be enrolled in this program no later than May 2023 to be eligible to participate in the September 2023 fashion show. 


This program series is for students preparing to start their own business or admitting to higher level art schools like FIT or FIDM. 


A great program for students ages 13 through adult interested in a career in the fashion industry.  Classes delivered only on Saturday. 


All program bundles begin with Sewing I, Learning to Design and Introduction to Flat Pattern Drafting as pre-requisites. During subsequent classes, students continue perfecting the skills of sewing, drafting patterns, using design concepts, creating a collection, interpret designs, create a production plan and a basic website to showcase created products. Some classes are conducted online only. Students may request class descriptions.


Note: No refunds on program purchases. No refund on classes not taken within allotted time frame.


Students are responsible for class supplies as needed.

Fashion School Prep- OTG

  • AFI payments are administered by THE SBG COMPANY LLC via Pal Pal.  Students may still process payments using a credit card through Pal Pal. 

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