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Online Course Descriptions

Introduction to Sewing

This introductory class is designed for the individual with little to no sewing experience.   Students learn to recognize tools and their uses, understand sewing terminology, the purpose of notions, demonstrate the ability to use basic techniques needed to construct garments such as cutting, pinning, tracing and sewing darts.  An end of class project is required to move to Garment I.  Materials Fee $ 3.00                                                                                                                        

Common Machine Problems

Students learn how to immediately fix common problems with thread jumbling and the reasons why this type of problem persists. Manual, electronic and computerized machines are discussed during the session.

Materials Fee $ 3.00 

Threads and Needles

This class teaches students the importance of the trio compatibility.  Students learn to recognize when there is a thread and needle issue.  Materials Fee $ 3.00

Winding the Bobbin and Threading

This classes discusses common winding and threading issues with most machines.  Visuals and demonstrations are provided on how to properly wind a bobbin and thread common types of machines.  Students with uncommon machines are required to send a notification on the type of machine used to assist in completing this class.  Materials Fee $ 3.00

Understanding and Working with Fabrics 

Students are introduced to various types of fabrics and their uses.  Students are required to identify fabric types using visual aids.

Materials Fee $ 3.00

Sewing 2

Students begin to strengthen the skills learned in the  Introductory class by constructing a straight skirt with a zip back closure, two darts, a buttonhole, and a basic waistband.  An introduction to inner construction materials is utilized to complete the class project taking the learner through a sewing order of operation which is essential to understanding when constructing garments.  

At this stage students should be comfortable pinning, cutting, tracing, sewing  darts and recognizing pattern labeling.  

Materials Fee $ 3.00

Finishing Techniques

This class is devoted to construction details.  In this class students will learn seam finishing techniques such as french seams, using seam binding and piping, denim stitching, pocket detailing and more.  Materials Fee $ 3.00 


Working With Commercial Patterns

You are ready to finally understand how to read and interpret patterns like Simplicity, Vogue, etc. this is the class for you.  We explore the writing of Easy patterns in this class and discuss how to ensure the pattern fits you perfectly.  Materials Fee $ 3.00                                                                                                                                                                                   

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