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Alterations Course Descriptions -  Individual classes may be taken as stand-alone at the regular class fee.  

The alterations bundle pack curriculum includes 4 classes crucial for becoming a competent alterationist.  Each class is delivered to build on the previous class and must be taken in order. 

Introduction to Altering Clothes  

This class is designed for individuals who want to learn the basics of altering clothing.  The course covers rules for altering men, women, and children’s clothing.  Rules covered are based on garment type and are stressed for professionally altered garments.  Students will alter pants and a simple skirt during the class period. Understanding basic patterns is explored to strengthen learned concepts. 


This class is the prerequisite to subsequent alteration classes and bundles.   Students must have basic sewing skills to take the class.

Alterations I                        

This class builds on the introductory class.  Students will demonstrate altering career and casual pant and skirt hems, pant tapers, skirt tapers and the rules to alteration each type of garment.  

Alterations II                  

This class explores alterations such as replacing zippers, shortening sleeves with cuffs, tapering jacket side seams, and adjusting pant crotch levels. 

Pricing Alterations Services 

This class gives the learner a clear understanding on how to price work as a novice and professional alterationist. 

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