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Career Pathways


Whether for a career change or personal growth this is where it starts.  Follow your dreams of self-employment by learning new skills for sewn product manufacturing.

Online and Face to Face program certificates available. 


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Financing Your Education
Industry Professional Education 

AFI program offerings are now available online for Entrepreneurship and Merchandising for Spring 2022. 

Non-Professional Education 

Program and Class offerings are now under AFI Open Institute. 

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AFI Instructors are industry professionals with a passion for helping others realize their dreams and goals.  Each instructor has the knowledge, education, and experience needed to ensure students get what they deserve: the best possible education for their investment.

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Our Graduates Move on With Confidence!

Project focused programs ensure students leave with the most output for their investment.  Students are encouraged to apply for positions in desired fields within Education to Employment ecosystem. 

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Latest Technology and Small Classes

Students have access to the latest technology for libraries of fashion, photographs and books to support the high project based learning curriculum. Students always receive the personal attention they deserve without over crowded classrooms and highly impacted courses. 



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Complete Your Certificate Program in 2 to 9 months 
Depending on program concentration students can be in and out in as little as 2 months. Our more extensive program with a manufacturing and business focus takes 9 months to complete when student takes 3 classes per trimester. Students should allow for additional program duration if only 2 classes are taken per trimester period. Click here for accelerated skills based program certifications. 

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