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Pattern Making Series- Individual classes may be taken as stand-alone and are subject to regular class fee. 

Introduction to Flat Pattern Drafting

Students are introduced to the process of flat pattern drafting through half scale slopers. This class lays the foundation for all subsequent classes. The 5 piece basic sloper set is covered.  Tools and supplies needed are covered during the class period and are mandatory for all subsequent classes in the series.

Personal Sloper for Skirts


Students create the first piece of the 5 basic sloper set.   Students must arrive to class ready for personal measurement recording.

Personal Sloper for Pant

This class builds on the personal sloper from the personal skirt draft. The final draft is the foundation of all other pant designs.

Personal Sloper for Bodice and Sleeve

The bodice sloper is the foundation piece for blouses and tops. The sleeve is added to this session in preparation for subsequent and more advanced pattern styles.


All foundation garments made from personal slopers during the series should be fitted to the individual for accuracy.  This separate class is designated specifically for checks and balances.


Q&A Session


The series ends with a recap of the series and to address questions. A list of common issues and questions will be provided prior to the session for reviewing as a preparation for the session.

Note: Instructors make every effort to answer all questions provided prior to or during class where time permits.

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