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Manufacturing Pathway Course Descriptions

Introduction to Sewn Product Manufacturing 

This introductory course provides and overview of the end to end process of taking a sewn product from concept to consumer.  The 5 session course is delivered via webinar for the first 2 sessions and 3 workshop sessions are delivered on site at a partner facility, in a warehouse setting.  

Sewn Product Manufacturing

This program expands on the introductory course concentrating building skills in sewing, pattern engineering, cutting prototypes.  An introduction to manufacturing business practices are explored. 

Skills Apprenticeship Certifications

Students move on by choosing a specific skillset to perfect as an apprentice. Students continue to build skills only in the selected concentrations.  Current concentrations are Operator, Industrial Cutting, Pattern Engineering, and Prototyping. Pre requisite required. 

AFI Certified Train-the-Trainer I

This 5 day program requires 30 hours of training and the completion of all previous courses to enroll.  Introduction to Sewn Product Manufacturing, Sewn Product Manufacturing and 1 skills concentration. Certified TTTs are eligible to train licensed curriculum in specific areas only. 

Instructors must possess the ability to instruct virtually.  

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