Service Descriptions 

Low Volume Startup- Individuals or organizations requiring production or products of at least 250 units

Low Volume subcontracting- Organizations requesting services of overflow production of at least 500 units.

Soft Product Prototypes-  Individuals requiring services for the production of soft fabric prototypes such as toys, covers etc.

Covers and Bags- Services for all bag type products of drawstring, zip or Velcro closures including duffel.  Industrial, medical, aeronautics.

Banner Hemming- Services to provide stitching of all banner types.

Industrial Products- Services to sew products that cover or protect industrial products, soft robotic parts 

Safety Harnesses- Services to produce harness of webbing, leather, or other low to mid weight materials.

Protective Clothing- all types of protective clothing from bio chemical hoods and gear, gloves, sleeves, pants etc. 

Military Equipment- soft product types such as web belts, uniforms, winter hats, berets, duffel bags etc. 

Pillow and Cushion Covers- industries requiring services for small to mid sized pillow cases, pillow covers for airline, automobile, aeronautical, special design pillows. 

Curtains All Types- Privacy, blackout, scrims, warehouse, fashionable home interior production, theater and movies,etc. 

Uniforms- Services for all industries to include school uniforms, athletic, military, law enforcement, EMT, Fire and police.

Theater and Entertainment Garments and Props- Costumes, soft set props, custom dance wear 

Extreme Sports- product carry bags and covers, water vests 

Medical and Physical Therapy Products- soft covers for ices bags, knee and arm and wrist braces

Bicycle Products- Clothing, sleeves, shoe covers, winter hoods, open finger gloves, head bands, bandannas, (excluding helmets)

All Soft Fashion Accessories- Hair covers, head scarves, scrunchies, wave caps, shower caps, cosmetic bags, tote bags, shoe bags.

Fashion Trade Equipment- Custom garment bags for trade shows of soft fabric, vinyl, leather or faux leather types with zip, Velcro or drawstring closures.