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Class Instructions

Each student is responsible for completing all courses and modules within the allotted time frame.  Students have 90 days to complete all courses before password expiration.  Questions regarding program content may be addressed to for prompt responses.  A certificate of completion is awarded to students that complete all courses in the program curriculum.  Each course has a quiz to complete to check your understanding.


Online students are responsible for purchasing their own class materials when applicable to begin each course.  A list of materials needed is provided for each course and lessons within the course.  Click Student Store to purchase materials directly from AGEE FASHION INSTITUTE.  

Let's Begin

We suggest that each course be taken in the order listed below.  The available course will have a blue hyperlink showing it is ready for viewing.  For example,

Introduction to Sewing.  Click the first course to begin and enjoy the learning experience. 

Online Sewers Series 

  • Introduction to Sewing

  • Common Machine Problems

  • Threads and Needles

  • Winding the Bobbin and Threading

  • Understanding and Working with Fabrics 

  • Garment I

  • Finishing Techniques

  • Working With Commercial Patterns

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