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Marathon Leap Courses-  All classes in the marathon leap can be taken as stand-alone but are subject to the regular class fee. 

4 Sewing Construction Classes (classes are taught using factory techniques and an order of operation to construct garments)

  • Sewing 1

  • Sewing 2

  • Sewing 3

  • Sewing 4

1 Alterations Class (Learn professional alterations for yourself or a side business for extra money)

  • Introduction to Altering Clothes  

5 Pattern Classes (Learn to use someones else patterns AND make your own from scratch)

  • Working with Easy Patterns (Learn how to make commercial patterns fit)

  • Introduction to Flat Pattern Making 

  • Personal Skirt Sloper (Begin making patterns using your own measurements)

  • Personal Pant Sloper 

  • Personal Bodice and Sleeve Sloper 

1 Fitting Class (Explore common fitting issues and how to correct them)

  • Fitting 101

1 Garment Beautifying Class 

  • Finishing Techniques (Beautify your garments from the inside out)

1 Serger Class 

  • Introduction to Sergers (Reserve one for a fee or bring your own)

1 Class for Questions and Answers

  • Take advantage of the industry experts teaching the class to answer questions on every subject including business questions.


Fashion Designer Add On Package **New 

  • 1 Designing Classes (These classes teaches students to bring design ideas to life and prepare their admissions portfolio)

  • 1 Interpreting Design (Teaches students to interpret their designs and use the pattern drafting techniques to produce)

  • 1 Portfolio Preparation (This class goes over preparing a comprehensive design portfolio for admission requirements)

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