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Program Teaser class descriptions 

Sample Open Institute program bundles. Learn to sew, alter a basic garment and experience the art of flat pattern making. Each class may be taken individually at the standard registration fee. 


Introduction to Sewing $ 80.00 (2 sessions 2.0 hours each)

This introductory class is designed for the individual with little to no sewing experience. By the end of the two day session students will recognize and understand sewing terminology, the purpose of notions, have basic fabric knowledge, demonstrate the ability to use basic techniques needed to construct garments such as seam allowances, cutting, pinning, tracing and sewing darts.


Maximum Class Size 10

Introduction to Flat Pattern Making $ 89.00 (1 session 3.0 hours)

Students are introduced to the process of flat pattern drafting through half scale slopers. This class lays the foundation for all subsequent pattern making classes. The 5 piece basic sloper set is covered.  Tools and supplies are provided to use during the class period.


Maximum Class Size 7


Introduction to Altering Clothes   $ 69.00 (1 session 2.0 hours)

This class is designed for individuals who want to learn the basics of altering clothing.  The course covers rules for altering men, women, and children’s clothing.  Rules covered are based on garment type and are stressed for professionally altered garments.  Students will alter pants and a simple skirt during the class period. Understanding basic patterns is explored to strengthen learned concepts. 


This class is the prerequisite to subsequent alteration classes and bundles.   Students must have basic sewing skills to take the class.


Maximum Class Size 7

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