We are here to help!  

Agee Fashion Institute staff are experts on sewn products.  AFI students and interns learn to design and manufacture and use their gifts, education and talents to consult others in regards to sewing related questions for all sewn products industries.  Whether, designing, home decor or theater costume sewing our students, interns, and professional staff are eager to assist you with "any" question you have. Sewing machine questions are also welcome. 

You do not have to be a student, you don't even need to have taken a class in our Open Institute.  We are here to serve the community and support anyone working on their craft or trying to learn to sew.  All we ask is that you.........

Ask AFI by emailing your questions to askafi@ageefashioninstitute.com and our students, student interns and professional industry staff will help you with your questions within 24 hours.  At absolutely NO Charge. Give it a try!

This is our commitment to you!

Constance Agee, Founder